Healthy skin glows at every age!

Your skin is your first layer of defense from the elements and your body's largest organ.
It's also where your health and vitality radiate. Healthy skin is well cared for and protected.
Let us help you discover the best regiment for your skin type and life style. 

Packages available!

Need help choosing? Our skilled technicians can help you choose
the right treatment and regiment for your personal goals and needs.

• Skin Care •

Get Up and Go!                                  $49.00
A quicker version of our Classic
Facial for those of you on the go!

Classical Facial                                  $79.00
Cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate.
All customized especially for your skin type.

Deep Cleansing Facial                    $104.00
For skin that is acne prone
or needs extra attention.

Specialty Facials
Customized facials for your skin type

Aging Gracefully                              $119.00

Youth Facial                                       $49.00
Ages 19 & under            

Back Facial                                         $105.00

Get Up and Go Back Facial           $55.00

The Lotus Facial                               $119.00

Chemical Peel                                    $52.00
When added to your facial.

• Make-Up •

Application                                        $37.00
Full face

Application                                        $25.00
Eyes only

Step by Step,                                     $67.00
Hands on Lesson

Bridal                                                  $50.00

Temporary Eyelashes                  $17.00

Permanent Eyelash Extentions:
Full set                                              $215 & up
Half set                                             $165 & up
3 week fill                                        $86 & up
2 week fill                                        $60 & up
*consultation suggested


Complimentary Sauna treatment upon availability with spa services upon request. Requires extra time allowance of 30 minutes.